Priorat Natur Olives & Neus Extra Virgin Olive Oilarroyabe tuna

Producer: Priorat Natur
Region: Priorat, Spain
Employees: 4 full time, 2-3 seasonal

Cultivation of the olive tree is a tradition in Spain that goes back thousands of years. The Priorat landscape is rugged with ancient and young olive trees alike clinging to the steep slopes and delineating vineyards. The trees, which are cultivated using organic methods, are used to surround vineyards to act as a natural pesticide for the grape vines and to prevent soil erosion by absorbing water during heavy rains. Thus, the continued cultivation of the olive tree in Priorat is essential to retaining the agricultural lands this region has always been known for.

Priorat Natur is a small locally owned company that was founded to provide high quality products using traditional Priorat methods and recipes and to offer a market for local farmers to provide economic development while ensuring that the land of the Priorat region remains agricultural.

In keeping with tradition, Priorat Natur harvests the olives by hand to ensure the quality of the olives before pressing or curing. The company also buys olives from neighboring farmers, contracting with them prior to the harvest to guarantee sales and to oversee the quality of the olives. The olives, all native to this land, are processed naturally using traditional recipes passed down through the generations.

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