Piquillo Peppers "Matiz Navarro"arroyabe tuna

Producer: Conservas Pedro Luis
Region: Navarra, Spain
Employees: 10 permanent, 30 seasonal

Navarra has long been known throughout Spain for its vegetables and legumes, and especially the Piquillo Pepper, a unique botanical variety that only grows in Lodosa and the surrounding villages. For centuries, the piquillo pepper has been an integral ingredient on the family farms of the local inhabitants. And in 1987, this variety was awarded Denomination of Origin status as “Pimiento de Piquillo de Lodosa.” They are a sweet in flavor with a slight bite, and their shape, fat and round at the top with a point at the base (piquillo means little beak) is perfect for any number of stuffings, such as piquillos stuffed with cod, a regional favorite.

As with many of the regions of Spain, precious farmland is under pressure from development as well as large agri-business. Supporting small farmers and a diversity of local traditional produce is crucial to this region. Conservas Pedro Luis, the producer of the Matiz Piquillo peppers, is a small family-owned company which processes a wide variety of regional vegetables and works exclusively with the same local farmers year after year to support local agriculture and to guarantee the quality of the product and the Denomination of Origin or Organic status. The peppers are processed using the traditional Navarran methods. They are roasted over an open flame and then hand peeled with no water used which would remove the flavor and juices. They are then hand-jarred in their own juices to retain the flavor, consistency, and natural sugars of the pepper. There are no chemicals used in the production process, and all organic waste material is returned to the farmers to be used as natural fertilizers and for animal feed.

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