Olivar de la Luna - Organicarroyabe tuna

Producer: Olivar de la Luna
Region: Pozoblanco, north of Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
Employees: Four full-time and one part-time employee

Olivar de la Luna begins with a story of the Sierra Morena, known locally as the Sierra de la Luna, the area of land just north of Cordoba. It was back in the 18th century, when King Carlos III offered land in return for clearing the Sierra of the gangs of bandits that had plagued the kingdom for years. Many folks flocked to the region, the less fortunate of them planted olive trees by day for pay and by night for their own future. Today, these 300 year-old trees produce the Nevadillo Blanco olive, which can only be found in the Sierra de la Luna.
About twenty-five years ago, Jesus Fernendez de Castro and Transito Habas Sanchez, fresh out of college – Jesus was a Philosophy major and Transito studied journalism – decided to return to the this land, much of which had been left fallow, and put some of their optimistically youthful ideas to work.
Jesus and Transito set out to prove it is still possible to live off the land. Taking over the family farm, and acquiring an additional 13,000 untended trees from absent neighbors, they went to work to create a truly sustainable farm that would support their growing family. Working by the light of oil lamps as late as the early 80’s, they studied and implemented organic agriculture and animal husbandry techniques, built a new mill, and worked with their local community to bring electricity to the area. Today the farm relies on a mix of traditional techniques and modern technology: rainwater capture is the only water used on the farm, solar panels supply all of their electricity needs for the majority of the year, unproductive trees or branches are ground up and mixed with the waste from the mill to be used as organic fertilizer, and over 400 sheep groom the land.
Jesus and Transito have been leaders in their community, promoting more sustainable forms of agriculture and animal husbandry, and consistently fighting to protect the land for future generations. Farmers come from all over Spain to learn their techniques, no one is turned away. The Olivar de la Luna oil represents a magical place and traditions that have been followed in Spain for centuries.

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