Oleum Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organicarroyabe tuna

Producer: Oleum Viride
Region: Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, Cádiz, Spain
Employees: 3 full time, 7 seasonal

Cultivation of the olive tree is a tradition in Spain that goes back thousands of years. During the Roman Period, olive oil was exported from Spain throughout the Roman Empire and used for everything from cooking, to medicinal solutions, to skin and hair treatments. In the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park of Cádiz the unique variety of olive, the Manzanilla de Zahara, which grows nowhere else, is the olive used to produce Oleum Viride.

The extreme climate of this mountainous land causes the trees to produce low volumes of olives, which translates into an extremely high quality concentrated oil. Although this produces a supreme olive oil, it also means that yields are low, making it difficult to make a living off of these mountain groves.  

Oleum Viride was founded to improve the viability of life in the Sierras, to preserve the farming traditions, and to protect the local environment. Oleum Viride adds value by ensuring organic cultivation, improved milling techniques, product traceability, and improved packaging. This ultimately increases the price paid back to the farmer.

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