Matiz Catalan Sauces by Moli de Pomeriarroyabe tuna

Producer: Moli de Pomeri
Region: Barcelona, Spain
Employees: 3 owners, 1 seasonal worker

The sauces produced by Moli de Pomeri, Romesco, Allioli, and Olivada, are central to Catalan culinary traditions, and are based on ingredients that have been cultivated in Catalonia for centuries. Romesco, a nut-based sauce, was born in the area of Tarragona, where local fisherman needed a sauce that would keep during the many days they were away at sea. Allioli is a garlic spread made solely from garlic and oil and is one of the core sauces of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. And Olivada, or olive paste, goes as far back as the Roman Empire, where it was called garum and made from olives and fish and served on bread. It is the mission of Moli de Pomeri to produce the highest quality all natural traditional Catalan products, using ingredients that support the traditional agrarian lifestyle in their region and throughout Spain.

Moli de Pomeri cultivates about 15% of the raw ingredients using organic methods, focusing on the ingredients that are difficult to find in the market at the quality they demand. But because their main focus is the elaboration of sauces and not cultivation, they purchase the rest of the ingredients according to strict quality guidelines from local farmers and coops in Catalonia or elsewhere in Spain.

The company donates 5% of their production volume to many local non-profits, including local culinary schools, the Catalan Celiac Disease Association (their products are guaranteed gluten free), local festivals, and the Catalan TV station to raise money for other local non-profits.

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