Matiz Valenciano Horchata - Organicarroyabe tuna

Producer: Mon Orxata (consists of Terra I Xufa and Suc de Lluna)
Region: Valencia, Spain
Employees: 11 year round, 70 seasonal

Horchata , a traditional drink from the region of Valencia, Spain, is made from Xufa or tiger nuts, a tuber that grows exclusively in the Mediterranean regions. It is believed that it was first cultivated by the people of ancient Egypt along the Nile, and later brought to Spain by the Arabs. The cultivated tuber took naturally to the sandy soils and warm temperatures of Valencia, and for centuries this sweet refreshing drink has been enjoyed by Valencianos. Today, there is not a bar or Café in Valencia that does not serve up a tall glass of Horchata de Xufa during the hot summer months.

Mon Orxaa was founded to rejuvenate the Horchaa traditions and promote susainable agriculture. Large developers and agribusiness has been overaking the fertile lands of Valencia over the past few decades, pushing out small farmers and organic practices. Mon Orxaa cultivates organic xufa and trains and suppors other local farmers to do the same. In addition, they work with women with few economic opportunities to sell fresh horchata through Valencia.

Through education, and articiation in many local community organizations, Mon Orxaa is helping to save and restore valuable farm land through certified organic agricultural practices.And the cultivation of xufa naturally restores riverbank vegetation offering refuge and by-ways for local fauna.The production of horchaa is also natural procedure with any waste material being recycled back to the xufa fields and as animal feed.The final product, which is free of preservatives, is 100% natural goodness. It is high in fiber and minerals and lowers cholesterol naturally.

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