Matiz Gallego organic Chestnuts by Naicina

Chestnuts have been a core ingredient in the Galician diet for centuries. Chestnut trees were introduced to the region by the Romans, who arrived in Galicia in 450 BC, and had originally discovered this delicacy in Asia. The Galician chestnut can be found in literature: Alejandro Dumas wrote in 1847 in his masterpiece De Paris a Cadiz, “France stands out because of its truffles, Castilla because of its olives, Catalonia because of its plums, and Galicia because of its chestnuts.”

In Galicia, all chestnuts come from very small farms. Previously there were very few outlets for the chestnut tree owners to sell their product and the Galician chestnut trees were at risk from land developers. Yet saving the chestnut trees is extremely important for the region, which has historically had considerable problems with forest fires. The native chestnut tree is very dense wood and burns with difficulty, thus reducing the spread of forest fires.

Naicina S.L., a family-owned company, was established in 1972 with the goal of supporting their rural local economy which although rich in natural and human resources, has struggled economically in today’s modern world. They wanted to create a value added product that would give the local farmers demand for the native agricultural products, and to create quality jobs that would mitigate the emigration of community members to the large cities.

The company purchases direct from the producers, guaranteeing a 10% higher price than the market price. All the chestnuts purchased by Naicina are organically grown and have the NOP (USDA) organic certification. Certification was a long process, overseen and coordinated by Naicina, since the chestnuts come from hundreds of small landholders.

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